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Helium Jam is a rock band formed in the summer of 2010. Its founders are Julia Bogelfer (main vocal, guitar, bass guitar, lyrics) and Maria Alysheva (vocals, guitar, music). Throughout the existence of the band, different musicians performed with the band, but Maria and Julia have always remained its permanent participants. Currently, Igor Natarov (drums) and Sergei Ikonnikov (bass guitar) take part in gigs with Helium Jam . Now the band is working on the third studio album, the release of which is scheduled for early 2018. Helium Jam performs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Narva , and is also a regular participant of major European and Moscow rock festivals. All albums of "Helium Jam" are available in iTunes, Google Play and YandexMusic. 2016-2017 years In 2016 the songs of the band got into the rotation of radio "Maximum" (Samara), "Noginsk FM", "Altai FM", "Buryatia". In spring the band gives an interview on the program "Posters" on the radio "Ivanovo-FM". The songs of Helium Jam sounds on "Radio of Russia" and win in 161 and 165 issues of the "AURUM INUTILE" program. Immediately after performance at the first open-air of summer "Shokofest" , the band goes on a European tour. "Helium Jam" performs in Narva (Estonia), Gothenburg (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland) and Berlin (Germany). During the tour Julia and Maria shoot a video in Germany for the song "While you're near". Returning from the tour, the band takes part in a charity concert in support of the club "Chocolate Factory", and then starts work in the studio "Diyez" over the single "Showcases". In August 2016, Helium Jam released a new single "Showcases", which immediately falls into the rotation of the Internet and FM radio stations. In autumn of 2016 the band played a number of concerts in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Narva. In early 2017 there is a change in the band. Bass guitarist (Julia Balakireva, member of the band from 2013goda) leaves yhe band. As a trio band performs at the traditional festival of female rock "BabRok", takes part in the festival "Shokofest" in May, immediately after which does on tour to Germany. During the tour Helium Jam records the single "Wind" in Berlin. Returning to Russia, Helium Jam presents a single in St. Petersburg at the festival "Queen of the Night", in which Julia Bogel'fer is a member of the jury together with Olga Vior and Svetlana Surganova. In August Helium Jam performs in the legendary Moscow club "16 tons", after which drummer Ekaterina Skokova (member of the band from 2013) decides to leave the band. In the fall of 2017 Julia Bogelfer and Maria Alysheva begin to work on the third studio album. At the same time, Igor Natarov (drums) and Sergei Ikonnikov (bass guitar) become the participants of the band. 2013-2015 years In 2013 Helium Jam begin to work on the first studio album "Listen" in the studio "Diez" In early 2013, Julia Bogelfer and Maria Alysheva get acquainted with Julia Balakireva, the future bass player, and the idea of the female composition of the band is born. After a while Ekaterina Skokova, a drummer, becomes the participants of the band. In parallel with the recording of the first album, the band continued to perform on the stages of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2014, Helium Jam was invited to the festivals "Bab-Rock" and "Shokofest-2014". April 7, 2014 there was the release of the debut album "Listen". It included 8 songs, which reflected the sound of the band in acoustics and electricity. The album drew the attention of the producer center AHOI-Kultur (Berlin), with whom the contract was signed and the band went on a concert tour to Germany in support of their first album. As part of the tour, Helium Jam performed for a crowd of thousands in Berlin's city festivals, performed concert at the Panda Theater Club and gave interviews to local fm radio stations. In the autumn of 2014, "Helium Jam" began to work on the second album at the studio "Diyez". At the same time, it was decided to rebrand the name "Helium" . The group became known as "Helium Jam" . One of the first songs recorded for the album was "Somedays of happiness", which immediately fell into the rotation of "First Rail Radio". At the beginning of 2015, the quartet immediately presents 2 video clips, for the songs "Snow" and "Somedays of happiness". The video "Somedays of happiness" falls into the rotation of Cyber ​​Snake TV, and on May Helium Jam became the guests on the same channel in the program "Look Rock Online!". There they performed a live concert and answered questions. The Band took part in a number of festivals ("Shokofest", "Rotonda", "Bab-Rock") and charity concerts. Songs "Somedays of happiness" and "Snow" fall into the rotation of the radio "3DO", "Nonstandard", "Svoe radio". In August, the band went on a European tour to Germany and Estonia (Hamburg, Berlin, Narva), where performed at festivals, as well as with solo concerts. Coming back, the band resumed work at the studio on the album "23 hours". Helium Jam took part in the program "Live" on the “Svoe Radio”, performed both familiar and beloved songs from the album "Listen" and new songs that announced the album "23 hours". At the end of 2015 year the band gave a number of interviews to Internet portals and radio stations. November 29 in the Moscow club "Chocolate Factory" Helium Jam presented the second album "23 hours". It included 12 compositions and a remake of the popular "Half a year for happiness" in English. 2010-2012years 2010-2011. The name of the band was "Helium" . At first the band was an acoustic duo, which was supplemented by concerts with flutes (Ksenia Zvereva), percussion (Mikhail) and bass guitar (Irina Titova). The first concert took place on July 23, 2010 in one of the underground clubs in Moscow. In June 2011 the band performed in famous club “Alma-Mater” acoustic program. During 2010-2011 the band "Helium" took part in more…
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Helium Jam is indie-rock band with a female character. Totally female composition of the band is a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Performing in Mocsow, Berlin, Hamburg, Geteborg, Warshaw , Narva Helium Jam shows that music truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter in what language they are. The album "Listen" (2014) and "23 hours" (2015) are available in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Yandex.Music.



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