26-05. Berlin. Werkstatt der Kulturen

 Werkstatt der Kulturen

Start 21:00

Wissmannstraße 32 Berlin


Am Freitag, den 28. Mai, startet unsere neue World Wide Music -Reihe mit einem Konzert der Indie Frauen-Rock Band Хелиум Джем - Helium Jamaus Moskau. Freut Euch auf sechs Freitage voll Global Rock.
26/05: Helium Jam bei World Wide Music
02/06: Risky Mondays bei World Wide Music
09/06: MIPV bei World Wide Music
16/06: Darbe Berlin bei World Wide Music
23/06: Kyra Garey
30.06: Manono
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Helium Jam is indie-rock band with a female character. Totally female composition of the band is a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Performing in Mocsow, Berlin, Hamburg, Geteborg, Warshaw , Narva Helium Jam shows that music truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter in what language they are. The album "Listen" (2014) and "23 hours" (2015) are available in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Yandex.Music.



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