Kate Skokova is drummer of the Helium Jam band.

Kate all her life contrives to combine music and sport. She plays basketball in amateur sports team and plays drums in a female band Helium Jam. She alternates the rehearsals and training every day! In such a regime, she contrives to work full-time. Therefore, the drummer of Helium Jam is the most disciplined band member. She was never late and always find the hotel, a cafe or a route on time in an unknown city. From her youth Kate interested in music, and she feels special love to drums. She looked for a long time likeminded team with whom she could grow. Friends of friends introduced her the band. From that moment it became the all-female band.


  • Kate is economist, so she is well able to count. Therefore, she is responsible for the Tempo count in the band


Drum kits, blues, basketball. Kate likes collie dogs, but they do not distract her from the drums.


Music / Музыка :

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Helium Jam is indie-rock band with a female character. Totally female composition of the band is a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Performing in Mocsow, Berlin, Hamburg, Geteborg, Warshaw , Narva Helium Jam shows that music truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter in what language they are. The album "Listen" (2014) and "23 hours" (2015) are available in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Yandex.Music.



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