Julia Bogel’fer is the founder of the rock band Helium Jam, a rhythm guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, co-author of music.

She was born in the last century in Moscow. Being 5 years old, she had the imprudence to tell her grandfather that she would like to play music. The next day, piano and music teacher were waiting in the room for nothing wrong suspecting child. Julia is stubborn and tends all the cases brought to its logical end. She carefully studied music 8 years, after that she closed the piano and since that time it has not approached. However, the musical beginning was made!

In high school guitar happened to be in the hands of Julia. She showed tenacity of the character again. She studied the guitar herself without tutorial, inventing chords until a family friend showed her the chords that have long been invented by the world guitar community. Since then, Julia almost never parted with her guitar. She taught memorized poems from the school program with a guitar, she wrote with it her own lyrics and came up with melodies to them. Julia from her birth was modest person and extremely embarrassed about any public appearances. However, there was a crisis in relations with one person, and she decided to express everything ... with a guitar on stage. And she did it by taking part in the project "Free Microphone", where any amateur musician could perform. Then it turned out that it is very exciting to be a guitarist and vocalist! Writing poems and songs, performances in music projects continued together with a friend.

In parallel adult life took its normal course. Julia graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Technology named after Mendeleev (now the Russian University of Chemical Technology of the same name) … For many years she worked in the large chemical company, and organized the work on her site so good that it became just bored to work there. Julia came to work and wrote poems, prose, music ... And unexpected for all she had gone into the project to revive the large machine-building plant in Moscow Region. And when she had done all that was possible also in this project Julia realized that in the profession she achieved everything she wanted. Finally, the time has come for the music.

It remains to find the same enthusiastic people for whom music and rehearsals would stand in first place before work and even family. Maria Alysheva became the first such a person. Girls often met each other on the project "Free Microphone" and various festivals of art song. In 2010, they talked on the theme of joint performances, and understood that suit each other. Three years have passed, and Julia together with Maria have found a soul mate in the face of two participants.


Julia's father - a chemist, Ph.D., racing driver and driving instructor car in extreme conditions.

Band name Helium Jam - a legacy of Julia’s chemical education. Helium - the chemical element helium.


Music, poetry, mountain skiing, water skiing (in her youth she was a medalist of the Soviet Union in this sport), car racing. Julia loves dogs Collie and considers them the most intelligent animals in the world. Dogs Collie reciprocate Julia.


Music / Музыка :

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Helium Jam is indie-rock band with a female character. Totally female composition of the band is a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Performing in Mocsow, Berlin, Hamburg, Geteborg, Warshaw , Narva Helium Jam shows that music truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter in what language they are. The album "Listen" (2014) and "23 hours" (2015) are available in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Yandex.Music.



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